How this SaaS Business Works ?

Posted on 2024-02-10 Updated on 2024-02-12

How phpSaaS Business Works ?

Let’s take an example of SaaS demo based on "Advocate Management System" Niche first -

Now, you might know there are 3 types of user roles in a SaaS Business –
1.    Super Admin - Owner of the Website
2.    Client/Subscriber - Who subscribe to your SaaS Application
3.    End user - Who actually use the Application

User 1 - Super Admin/Owner of the Website:

Let’s assume you install this on your brand domain like "" then the super admin login url would be Here the Super admin can create subscription packages and confgurations.
(For more info you can refer the support documents here or always ping us on support chat)

Working demo for the super admin URL -
Login Details :

User 2 - Tenant/Client/Subscriber who subscribes to your SaaS Application:

This user can be also referred as client/tenant/subscriber who wants to use the lawyer management software for their law company. If they are interested they will subscribe to your Saas Application.

For example, the law company owner/head will register to your website and take some subscription package to get access to the SaaS application. The law company will launch your website ( and register here and choose a subdomain name while registering. For example, let’s assume their law company name is "ABC Law & Co" so they can/may choose the subdomain accordingly like "abclawco".

Our saas system automatically configures the subdomain for them like https://abclawco.XYZlawyermanagementsystem. So the law company/subscriber will have their admin access at "https://abclawco.XYZlawyermanagementsystem/admin" to configure their software for their company/staff to use post which they can create user/staffs and control their access as per their requirement.

Working demo, the client/tenant/subscriber admin

Login details :
Client/tenant/subscriber dashboard login would be
Login details:

User 3 - End user who actually uses the SaaS Application:

These users are the staffs of the law company/subscriber who use this advocate management system and these users are handled by the law company. They are staffs/team member using the application.

Working demo -

Here are some documents on how to use each feature -

If you still have any queries, always welcome to create a ticket. If you want any particular "how to" document, please let us know!

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